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The High Commission wishes to advise that the Government of Guyana, in keeping with requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), has phased out the issuance and renewal of handwritten (green cover) Republic of Guyana passports.

These passports have been replaced with five (5) year Machine Readable (blue cover) ones which allow for the following:

1. Fulfilment of Guyana's commitment to promote a common Caribbean identity;

2. The Guyanese traveller will benefit from a new passport which presents a stronger defence against identity theft, alteration, forgery and alien smuggling.

3. A travel document that will be internationally respected. It will facilitate hassle-free travelling around the word, as information will now be easily accessed from an international data-base. (Please note that a machine readable passport does not entitle the passport holder to visa-free travel. Persons intending to travel on their Guyana passport should confirm with the nearest Diplomatic or Consular Office of the country they are travelling to whether they require a visa or not.)

The High Commission would like to urge all citizens holding handwritten passports to take steps to have those passports replaced with machine readable passports.

Passport applications can be submitted to the High Commission. The advisory on the process and the application form are available here or can be uplifted from the High Commission’s Consular Section between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:30 pm.

We are very happy to welcome visitors to this website which is hosted by the Guyana High Commission in London.

The website offers a wide range of information appertaining to the Guyana High Commission and Guyana as a whole.

Modern technology has allowed for the instant flow of information that often makes our every day lives much easier. Information has always been important and we at the Guyana High Commission are aware of this fact. It is also true that our mandate includes in large measure, the dissemination of information.

The launch of our website is not only timely, but is in consonance with our everyday functions. We are particularly pleased with the convenience the website would afford members of the public who see information on the myriad of consular matters that are of concern to so many people.

You will find information on Guyana on matters of Trade, Investment, Tourism, Government and History to name a few.

Persons interested in any of the above, be they students or potential investors and tourists, would find useful and up-to-date information. However, much of the information on our website is indicative and points to the appropriate links for more in-depth sourcing.

Once again, we welcome visitors to this Mission's website which is set up with the specific aim of serving you. As such, your feedback would be most welcome as we journey into the information superhighway over the coming months.

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