Guyana High Commission London
  1. Do I need a visa to enter Guyana? If you are unsure please check the information on schedule 1 of the advisory below.


  1. There is no assurance that a visa would be issued, and any preparation or plan made for the journey would be done at the applicant’s own risk.

  2. Failure to complete the form correctly as well as to provide supporting documents will delay the processing of application.

  3. Under normal conditions, application for visas should be submitted at least one (1) week in advance of proposed date of travel.

  4. The granting of a visa does not necessarily guarantee entry into Guyana. Entry and length of stay in the country will depend upon satisfying the usual Immigration requirements/procedures at the port of entry.

  5. A visitor who without permission, breaches his/her condition of entry while in Guyana may become eligible for deportation.

For further information and application form please see below:

Advisory — Visa to enter Guyana

Visa Application Form