Guyana High Commission London


  • Persons of Guyanese citizenship (whether by birth, descent, registration, or naturalization) are eligible for a Guyana passport.
  • Persons who are in possession of expired passports or whose passports have less than six (6) months validity for international travel are required to apply for a new passport.
  • Persons whose passports are lost, stolen or damaged.

General Information

  • Passports are valid for five (5) years and are not renewable.
  • Application forms (Form A) can be downloaded from the Forms section of the website.
  • Applicants (UK, Europe, Asia or Africa) may submit their applications by post, courier or in person.
  • Applicants are required to ensure that the application form is completed correctly and submitted with all relevant supporting documents (originals and 2 copies of supporting documents).
  • Applications for children under sixteen (16) years must be accompanied by a notarised authorisation letter/Affidavit (by an Attorney at law) from the absent parent indicating that they have no objection to the other parent applying for the passport OR documentation attesting to guardianship. The affidavit must indicate that the child is in the custody of either parent making the representation, to apply for and uplift the passport for the child or that the applicant is the guardian of the child. Other guardians are required to present their legal guardianship.
  • Previous passport must be submitted to effect cancellation. When the old passport is cancelled, it will be returned to the applicant.

Processing time – Completed applications are sent to Guyana for processing which can take approximately twelve (12) weeks. Replacing lost and damaged passports can take up to 3 months.

Important: Kindly ensure you affix your signature on page 2 (box provided for applicants signature) as well as the declaration on page 3. 

Please read the appropriate section(s) of the advisory below for the complete requirements relating to your application:



Affidavit – lost passport

Passport application form